In-patient Stroke Rehab

In-patient Stroke rehabilitation (also called “IPD rehab”) is a multispecialty and cost-effective stroke rehabilitation program by ReLiva that helps you recover after a stroke or brain injury or another event that has significantly impaired your abilities. RehabMax provides therapy, nursing treatment, education, and medical treatment along with its hospital partners to help you recover much faster.

To completely recover after a stroke, you will need specialized medical services like physiotherapy, skilled nursing care, speech & occupation therapy, a personalized diet program, and emotional counseling. At inpatient rehabilitation, all of it comes together to take care of you from a multidisciplinary healthcare team.


  • Intensive therapy, at least 3 hours per day, may help the stroke sufferer regain the ability to function faster after an event such as a stroke or accident.
  • Also, in your early recovery, medical management and nursing care are also important.
  • IPD rehab can be more effective than other alternatives like home health wherein the therapy may not be intensive and without requisite equipment.
    When the patient is admitted to In-patient Stroke rehab, the team will help create a discharge plan with the goal of a patient returning home. The education and training the patient receives during in-patient rehab will focus on the skills the patient needs, to return to the activities they had enjoyed before.

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